Vol 6, No 2 (2015) > Civil Engineering >

The Application of Optimization Model of Off-Street Parking Management with Dynamic Simulation

Nahry Nahry, Tri Tjahjono, Tiyana Brotoadi



transport plays a very important role in economic activities. However, in some
cases, local transportation authority often disregards its existence, including
in parking management issue. This research is aimed to develop the optimization
model of off-street parking space management which considers both freight car
and passenger car as two different entities. Optimization aims at minimizing the
joint function of parking index of freight cars and the one of passenger cars. Weighting
is given to both parking indexes to represent the interest level of parking operator
to both types of vehicles. Parking space of
both vehicles is at any time arranged in dynamic manner based on the inflow and
outflow rate of vehicles at previous time. The parking index is limited by the
maximum parking index desired by the management. The proposed model is applied
on the parking activity in Jatinegara Trade Center (JTC), Jakarta, and shows
that the model solution provides better parking index than the actual parking
index (without optimization).

Keywords: Dynamic Simulation , Freight Car, Optimization, Parking Management, Passenger Car.

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