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Local Static Hold-up in a Rotary Sieved Disc Contactor for a Butyl Acetate-water System

Fatemeh Behzad, Hossein Bahmanyar, Seyed Mohammad Ali Mousavian, Hoda Molavi, Fatemeh Fogh


Abstract: Considering the importance
of liquid static holdup in liquid-liquid extraction columns, a novel
experimental approach for predicting the mentioned parameter in a rotary sieved
disc contactor has is presented in this research. One chemical system without
mass transfer was used, in which distilled water and butyl acetate were employed
as the continuous and the dispersed phase, respectively. The static holdup has
been measured using the draining method. Based on the experimental results, one
correlation was proposed to predict the static holdup as a function of stage
position in the column and rotating speed in the form of Reynolds numbers and
also the dimensionless mother drop size. Changes in static holdup caused by each factor have been discussed and
graphically illustrated. It was
revealed that an increase in mother drop size will cause the growth of static
holdup, while the rise of rotating speed will decrease the amount of static
holdup. Furthermore, it was proven that static holdups in upper positions in
the column are less than those in the lower positions.
Keywords: Hold-up; Mother drop size; Rotary Sieved Disc Contactor; Static hold-up

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