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Designing National Policy and Strategies for Inclusive Development: Accelerating Infrastructure Development for Growth and Prosperity

Mohammed Berawi


Abstract: Many governments have increasingly emphasized a need to strengthen capacity to design national development policy and strategy in creating sustainable development. Responding to this necessity, Rembuk Nasional 2017, Indonesia’s National meeting initiated by the interdisciplinary scientific and professional community was conducted to evaluate and further improve national strategies and performance in twelve development sectors. Rembuk Nasional 2017 was attended by Republic of Indonesia’s president, ministers, governors, majors, members of parliaments, entrepreneurs, academicians, NGOs, and the public.
As the head of the Rembuk Nasional committee for the infrastructure and connectivity development sector, I agree that the momentum on accelerating infrastructure and connectivity development programs to achieve sustainable development objectives, stimulate economic growth, reduce poverty, and improve the quality of life of the people should be continuously supported

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