Vol 8, No 5 (2017) > Mechanical Engineering >

Effect of Liquid Reynolds Number on Pressure Drop of Evaporative R-290 in 500µm Circular Tube

Sentot Novianto, Agus Sunjarianto Pamitran, Raldi Koestoer, Jong-Taek Ohh, Kiyoshi Saito


Abstract: Due to certain advantages, natural refrigerants have recently become more popular. Environmental issues motivate this study, focused on the characteristics of propane (R-290) as a replacement for conventional refrigerants. The aim of the present research is to characterize the pressure drop of evaporative R-290 in a microchannel of 500µm diameter and 0.5 m length. The variables of the experimental conditions are mass flux between 155 and 1071 kg/m2s and vapor quality between 0 and unity. The results show a laminar flow for liquid R-290 and a turbulence flow for vapor. Some existing correlations of two-phase flow viscosity were used to predict the pressure drop. For homogeneous model, Dukler et al.’s (1964) prediction viscosity correlation best predicted the present experimental pressure drop.
Keywords: Microchannel; Propane; Pressure drop; Two-phase flow; Viscosity

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