Vol 8, No 5 (2017) > Mechanical Engineering >

A Comparative Study on Electroplating of FDM Parts

Azhar Equbal, Md Israr Equbal, Anoop Sood, Md. Asif Equbal


Abstract: Electroplating on fused deposition modeling parts through two different routes is presented in the study. One route follows the conventional method of electroplating using chromic acid for surface preparation or etching and the other route uses the novel method of electroplating using aluminium charcoal (Al-C) paste for surface preparation. Same plating conditions are used for both the routes employed. The result proposes that instead of shell cracking in few electroplated samples, Al-C route is also capable of producing good copper deposition on FDM samples. Cracks may develop in few samples electroplated through Al-C route, because of dissolution of paste at high operating condition during electroplating. Proper drying of electrolessly plated samples and adaptation of suitable operating condition reduces the risk of electroplated shell cracking.
Keywords: Cracking; Deposition; Electroplating; Etching; Surface preparation

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