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Solid State Fermentation using Agroindustrial Wastes to Produce Aspergillus Niger Lipase as a Biocatalyst Immobilized by an Adsorption-crosslinking Method for Biodiesel Synthesis

Andi Nur Aliyah, Emmanuella Deassy Edelweiss, Muhamad Sahlan, Anondho Wijanarko, Heri Hermansyah


Abstract: Although technological
advances have fueled the rising demand for lipase as a biocatalyst, commercial
availability remains limited and costs prohibitive. To meet this need, an extracellular
lipase enzyme from Aspergillus niger
can be produced through solid state fermentation (SSF) using
agroindustrial wastes including tofu dregs, coconut dregs, and corn bran. These agroindustrial
residues still contain nutrients, especially lipids/triglycerides, making them a potential
fermentation medium to produce lipase. Lipase with the highest activity level (8.48 U/mL) was obtained
using a tofu dreg substrate, 4%
inducer concentration, and 9-day
fermentation period. This
crude lipase extract was then dried with a spray drier and
immobilized in a macroporous anion resin using the adsorption-crosslinking method. The immobilized
lipase’s activity was assayed by a biodiesel synthesis reaction; it showed 48.3% yield. The immobilized enzyme's stability was also
tested through four
cycles of biodiesel synthesis; in the fourth cycle, the enzyme maintained 84% of its initial activity.
Keywords: Adsorption–crosslinking; Agroindustrial waste; Lipase immobilization; Resin; Solid State Fermentation (SSF)

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