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Influence of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste Particle Size on Biogas Production

Paraginta Basaria, Cindy Rianti Priadi


Abstract: The performance of
anaerobic digestion (AD) to process organic fraction of municipal solid waste
(OFMSW) can be improved with various pre-treatments. Mechanical pre-treatments,
mainly chopping, have shown to be the most economical and relatively effective
method to increase contact between the substrate and microorganisms. The
purpose of this research was to analyze the effect of OFMSW particle size on CH4
gas formation in a laboratory-scale Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP) assay.
The research was conducted for 35 days at a temperature of 35°C with three
sizes of OFMSW co-digested with cow manure. OFMSW with particle sizes of 10-13 mm, 4.76-10 mm, and 2-4.76 mm produce CH4
gas with an average of 114.7+14.7 ml, 101.7+0.5 ml, and 110.9+10.8 ml, respectively,
while methane yield was 0.277 L CH4/g VS, 0.208 L CH4/g
VS, and 0.229 L CH4/g VS, respectively. Particle size is more likely
to have an influence on the hydrolysis and acidogenesis processes, as
demonstrated by the significant difference of VFA value, but not on the biogas
potential. Particle sizes of 13-15 mm produce 19.25 mg VFA/L, while the size range of 2-4.76 mm produces 118.1
mg VFA/L.
Keywords: BMP; CH4 gas; Organic waste; Particle size; VFA

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