Vol 8, No 3 (2017) > Metalurgy and Material Engineering >

Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Glass Fiber – Chicken Feather Hybrid Composite

Pavan Hiremath, Manjunath Shettar, Gowrishankar M C, Vithal Rao Chauhan, Nikhil R



Chicken feathers have possible
application in preparing light weight composites. In this study, chicken
feather used as filler material to prepare hybrid composites. The filled
composites are tested for mechanical properties and chemical resistance.  Different variety of composite are prepared by
hand-layup technique, with varying the weight percentage of chicken feather.
Specimens are prepared and tested according to ASTM standard. SEM analysis is
carried to find the fracture and interfacial chrematistics of the composites. The
results showed that the hybridization of chicken feather, glass fiber and
polyester resin, improves the base properties. The hybrid composite with good
adhesion and mechanical properties, indicates that, these composites can be
used in domestic, automobile and structural applications, where minimal load is


Keywords: Chicken Feather; Hybrid Composites; Mechanical Properties; SEM

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