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Experimental and Simulation Works in Electromagnetic Technology

Eko Adhi Setiawan


Abstract: Electromagnetism (EM) has created a tremendous technological evolution in our daily lives from“life style” gadgets to fundamental research laboratory applications, especially in exploring a kind ofnatural resources potential such as in geomagnetic, geothermal, groundwater and other fields. Since the19-th century, Gaussian experiments with spherical harmonics indicated that the geomagnetic fieldoriginated from a core deep inside the Earth. The earth’s geomagnetic field is not like the field of a barmagnet, but it is really generated by the motion of molten iron rich alloys that extends from the earth'sinner core that changes over time. Due to that natural phenomenon, the research in the geomagnetic fieldis growing quickly, not only in terms of engineering aspects, but also in social aspects, such as thepossible influence of the earth’s magnetic field on human behavior.

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