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Evaluation of Children’s Anthropometric Measures in Rural and Urban Areas for Ergonomic Application

Hanani Yuhaniz, Asnawi Seraila, Siti Rafedah Abdul Karim, Suhaimi Muhammed, Abdul Hamid Saleh



The prominent issue of
the mismatches of children’s body dimensions with school furniture has made
people realize the essential factors of providing ergonomic furniture. By
evaluating rural and urban areas, school furniture can be designed for both
areas based on their anthropometrics, thereby combating mismatches. This
quantitative study focused on four regions in Malaysia. A total sample of 2,400
primary school children from seven to eleven years old from both rural and
urban schools was evaluated. Six anthropometric aspects were measured: stature,
subscapular height, shoulder breadth, hip width, buttock popliteal length, and
popliteal height. The measurements were evaluated using SPSS, with which
T-tests were performed, to evaluate the anthropometric differences between each
province. Each region showed different results when its rural and urban areas
were compared. This reveals that anthropometrics are different in certain
areas, even when they are in the same country. The importance of knowing such
matters will help to ease the sizing of products (such as furniture) based on
location, hence, making ergonomic products possible.

Keywords: Anthropometrics; Children; Ergonomic; Urban; Rural

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