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Designing a Call Center Training Software for Visually Impaired Users

Rosemary Seva, Jacqueline Anne Madrazo, Jill Rynette Sy, Melchizedek Israel Tapel



Existing software
development studies focus on creating interfaces that cater to improving
sensual responses rather than on usability. The variables affecting the
performance of visually impaired (VI) individuals in the design of existing
software, such
as arrangement of design elements, words used in the interface and allowing
action reversal were investigated to improve task completion time, number of
errors committed and overall satisfaction. Two interface designs of a telephone
survey system were developed considering published usability and accessibility
guidelines in literature. A total of 30 participants used the software and
performed three tasks. Results of the usability test showed that the lowest
overall task time was achieved by the current design followed by the panel
design. The panel design produced the least number of errors committed.
However, VI participants preferred the tab interface because it is more

Keywords: Design; Software design; Usability; User-centered design; Visually- impaired

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