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Magnetic and Microwave Absorption Characteristics of Ti2+-Mn4+ Substituted Barium Hexaferrite

Azwar Manaf, Mas Ayu Elita Hafizah, Belyamin Belyamin, Benhur Nainggolan, Maykel Manawan


Abstract: Series of Ti2+-Mn4+
ions substituted BaFe12-2xTixMnxO19
samples with x = 0.0–0.8 have been studied to find out the effect of ion
substitution on their microstructure, magnetic, and microwave absorption
characteristics. The materials were synthesized through the mechanical alloying
process. X-ray diffraction pattern for all sintered samples confirmed that the
materials are single phase materials with BaFe12O19structure. Referring to the results, it is shown that all
samples that are subject to ultrasonic irradiation treatment characterized by a
crystallite size distribution with the width get slimmer and mean crystallite
size get smaller as the substitution level increased from x = 0 to x = 0.8.  A sample of latter composition has fine crystals between 10–200
nm with the mean size of 42 nm. The effect of ionic substitution also affected
the magnetic properties in which coercivity decreased proportionally with an
increase of x value. The saturation magnetization
increased to 0.41 T at x = 0.4, and then decreased for higher x values. Hence,
the increase occurred only in samples with low-level substitutions of Ti2+-Mn4+ions. Microwave absorption characterization clearly shows that the
reflection loss (RL) value of Ti2+-Mn4+ substituted BaFe12-2xTixMnxO19
samples was enhanced from 2.5 dB in a doped free sample (x = 0) to 22 dB (~92%
absorption) in a sample with x = 0.6 in the frequency range 8–12 GHz.
Keywords: Barium hexaferrite; Magnetic properties; Mechanical alloying; Radar absorbing materials; Reflection loss

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