Vol 7, No 7 (2016) > Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering >

Broadcast-based Skew Correction Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks

Wasan Lasoi, Sataporn Pornpromlikit


Abstract: Time synchronization is
a vital process in wireless sensor networks, where energy sources are highly
limited. In this work, we propose a broadcast-based skew correction technique
that will improve both the accuracy and the lifetime of any time
synchronization protocol that only corrects time offsets among sensor nodes.
Using time information transmitted periodically by the root node, each client
node can compensate its software clock frequency in real time after an initial
offset correction. The experimental results show that a clock skew below 0.05
us/s can be consistently achieved with appropriate compensation parameters
after the correction process is stabilized.
Keywords: Broadcast; Offset correction; Skew correction; Time synchronization; Wireless sensor network (WSN)

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