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Availability Analysis of the Integrated Maintenance Technique based on Reliability, Risk, and Condition in Power Plants

Henry Pariaman, Iwa Garniwa, Isti Surjandari, Bambang Sugiarto


Abstract: The availability of
power plants is of utmost importance in a power system. The availlability of a
power plant is determined by its reliability and maintainability, which results
from the plant’s maintenance program. Commonly used maintenance techniques for
power plants include reliability-centered maintenance (RCM), risk-based
maintenance (RBM), and condition-based maintenance (CBM) as well as their
combination. This study aims to analyze the respective system availability that
results from each of the three maintenance techniques and examines the system
availability of the integrated maintenance technique, which is based on
reliability, risk, and condition. The availability analysis is performed by
developing a mathematical model based on the maintenance programs produced by
each maintenance technique. The availabilities of the RCM, RBM, CBM, and
integrated maintenance techniques are 81.56%, 81.02%, 84.92%, and 90.07%,
Keywords: Availability analysis; Integrated maintenance technique; Power plant; Simulation

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