Vol 8, No 3 (2017) > Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering >

Generating Artificial Error Data for Indonesian Preposition Error Corrections

Budi Irmawati, Hiroyuki Shindo, Yuji Matsumoto


Abstract: Large-scale
annotated data written by second language learners are not always available for
low-resource languages such as Indonesian. To cope with data scarcity, it is
important to generate ‘learner-like’ artificial error sentences when the
available real learner data is insufficient and language experts cannot construct
data. In this paper, we propose a new method for generating effective
error-injected artificial data to proliferate training examples for preposition
error correction tasks. Our method first generates a large scale of noisy
artificial error data via the use of a simple error injection method. It then
selectively removes the uninformative (noisy) instances from the artificial
data. We assume that ‘good’ artificial preposition error data would be
effective training data for error correction tasks. Therefore, to evaluate the
goodness of the generated artificial data, we used the generated artificial
data as training data to correct preposition errors in real learners’
sentences. The results of our study indicate that the use of our artificial
data for training improves preposition error correction performance. The
results also show that training on a smaller sized of good instances
outperforms training on much larger-sized noisy instances as well as that on
sentences written by native speakers. This method is language-independent and
easy to apply to other low-resource languages because it assumes only a small
size of learner error data and uses features that could be extracted
automatically from linguistically annotated sentences.
Keywords: Artificial data; Indonesian language; Low-resourced languages; Noise removal; Preposition error correction

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