Vol 7, No 7 (2016) > Mechanical Engineering >

Effect of Mixing Ratio and Pelleting Speed on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Biomass Pellets from Sugarcane Trash

Nirattisak Khongthon, Chaiyun Junsiri, Kittipong Laloon, Sakda Champana, Somposh Sudajan


Abstract: The definition of the physical and mechanical
properties of sugarcane trash pellets were necessary for the design
considerations relating to storage, handling and
processing equipment. The mixing ratios of ground
sugarcane trash:cassava starch:water content (1.0:0.25:0.85 and 1.0:0.25:1.40 by weight) and pelleting speeds (100, 120, 140, and 160 rpm) were considered to determine their effects on bulk
density, true density, porosity, durability and compressive strength. The results show that the mixing ratio by
weight of 1.0:0.25:0.85 and pelleting speed of 120
to 140 rpm were optimum for producing the sugarcane trash pellets. At the  moisture content  of 12.01% (wb), the bulk density, true density, durability and compressive strength
of  biomass pellets were  in the range of 
330.93 to 365.00 kg/m3,  860.38 to 918.43 kg/m3, 99.34 to 99.46 % and 5.15 to 6.43 MPa, respectively.
Keywords: Mechanical properties; Pellets; Physical properties; Sugarcane trash

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