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A Correlation of Traffic Accident Fatalities, Speed Enforcement and the Gross National Income of Thailand and its Cross-border Countries

Jetsada Kumphong, Thaned Satiennam, Wichuda Satiennam


Abstract: Currently, the ASEAN
Community has opened and this has resulted in the expansion of the road network
between member countries, making it more convenient to drive crossing the
border. However, the difference in laws relating to the speed limits and their
enforcement may result in drivers unknowingly violating the laws in each
country, leading to an increased risk of accidents. This research aims to
determine the statistical correlation between the traffic accident fatalities,
the enforcement of speed limits with the gross national incomes of Thailand and
its cross-border countries. Linear and non-linear regression analyses were
applied to develop models explaining their correlations at 95% confidence
level. The results indicated that those countries with higher efficiency in
enforcement on speeding laws and greater gross national income have a lower
rate of traffic accident fatalities. The results of this study are useful for
responsible agencies to determine the required traffic safety strategies in
order to reduce the number of traffic accidents within ASEAN countries.
Keywords: Gross national income; Traffic accident fatality; Speed enforcement

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