Vol 6, No 2 (2015) > Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering >

Implementation of Modified Porter Stemming Algorithm to Indonesian Word Error Detection Plugin Application

Marsel Widjaja, Seng Hansun


Abstract: Stemming is a process of finding a root of a
word with some omission stages of prefixes and suffixes. Stemming for each
language varies depending on the morphology of the language. Stemming widely
been used as a complementary stage in many activities relating to word or
phrase. With so many stemming utilizations, many algorithms are made to do the
stemming process. In this study, the authors would like to learn the Porter’s
stemming algorithm, to develop, improve and implement this algorithm into a
word error detector plugin application. In the test results shown that the
modified Porter stemming algorithm gives more accurate results in the analysis
than the original Porter stemming algorithm with an average difference of about
3 percent precision.
Keywords: Indonesian, morphology, Porter, stemming

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