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A Review of Bioethanol Production from Plant-based Waste Biomass by Yeast Fermentation

Nazia Hossain, Juliana Haji Zaini, T.M.I. Mahlia



Commercialization of
bioethanol has recently intensified due to its market stability, low cost,
sustainability, alternative fuel energy composition, greener output and
colossal fossil fuel depletion. Recently, because of greenhouse intensity
worldwide, many researches are ongoing to reprocess the waste as well as
turning down the environmental pollution. With this scenario, the invention of
bioethanol was hailed as a great accomplishment to transform waste biomass to
fuel energy and in turn reduce the massive usages of fossil fuels. In this
study, our review enlightens various sources of plant-based waste feed stocks
as the raw materials for bioethanol production because they do not adversely
impact the human food chain. However, the cheapest and conventional
fermentation method, yeast fermentation is also emphasized here notably for
waste biomass-to-bioethanol conversion. Since the key fermenting agent, yeast
is readily available in local and international markets, it is more
cost-effective in comparison with other fermentation agents. Furthermore, yeast
has genuine natural fermentation capability biologically and it produces zero
chemical waste. This review also concerns a detailed overview of the biological
conversion processes of lignocellulosic waste biomass-to-bioethanol, the
diverse performance of different types of yeasts and yeast strains,
plusbioreactor design, growth kinetics of yeast fermentation, environmental
issues, integrated usages on modern engines and motor vehicles, as well as
future process development planning with some novel co-products.

Keywords: Bioethanol; Conversion process; Lignocelluosic biomass; Plant-based waste biomass; Yeast fermentation

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