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Accelerating Sustainable Infrastructure Development: Assuring Well-Being and Ensuring Environmental Sustainability

Mohammed Ali Berawi


Abstract: The concept of sustainable development is conceived
as a balance of sustainable economic growth and ecological regeneration. For
the well-being of societies, technological innovation must contribute to
developing a new model of sustainable social, economic, and environmental
growth to make the system more sustainable. The challenge for any nation is
continuing its economic growth and distributing welfare while ensuring
environmental sustainability.

Sustainable development
requires institutional and values changes and cultural adjustments. Sustainable
development must be incorporated into mainstream policies to promote national
and international cooperation. In this context, sustainable development enables
technology transfer and increased well-being.

Managing Sustainable
Infrastructure Development
Developing infrastructure is arguably one of the main drivers of economy
growth. Infrastructure systems form the backbone of an economy, as they provide
social and economic benefits to the society. Infrastructure is an input to
production, increasing the productivity of other factors, lowering costs,
enlarging markets, and facilitating economic activities. The economic role and
significance of infrastructure must consider other dimensions of sustainable
development, particularly its environmental aspects. Thus, the greater
efficiencies created by sustainable infrastructure will lead to decreased
energy consumption, waste, and pollution.

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