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Prediction of Ship Turning Maneuvers in Constant Wind and Regular Waves

Daeng Paroka, Andi Haris Muhammad, Syamsul Asri


Abstract: A ship usually performs maneuvers under the influence
of external forces and moments, such as wind, waves, and current. Therefore, it is important to understand the
maneuvering behavior of ships under the action of external forces. This paper discusses the turning
maneuvers of an
Indonesian roro ferry under the
combined influence of constant wind and regular waves using the mathematical
modelling group (MMG). The ship’s position relative to the wave trough is added to
the original MMG model to estimate the exciting forces and moment induced by the waves.
The results of a numerical simulation show that the effect of wave height on turning ability is more
significant for a small
wavelength; this
effect decreases as the wavelength increases. The effect of wavelength on the sway force and yaw
moment is more significant compared with its effect on the surge force. The
ship’s initial
position relative to the wave trough does not have a significant effect on the turning characteristic and it can be neglected for the present study’s subject
ship. Overall, the results of the present work compare well with published data.
Keywords: Maneuvering; Turning; Waves; Wind

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