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Improved Multi-model Predictive Control to Reject Very Large Disturbances on a Distillation Column

Abdul Wahid, Arshad Ahmad


Abstract: A multi model
predictive control and proportional-integral controller switching (MMPCPIS)
approach is proposed to control a nonlinear distillation column. The study was
implemented on a multivariable nonlinear distillation column (Column A). The
setpoint tracking and disturbance rejection performances of the proposed
MMPCPIS were evaluated and compared to a proportional-integral
(PI) controller and the hybrid controller (HC). MMPCPIS developed to overcome the
HC’s limitation when dealing with very large disturbance changes (50%).  MMPCPIS provided improvements by 27% and 31%
of the ISE (integral of square error) for feed flow rate and
feed composition
disturbance changes, respectively, compared
with the PI controller, and 24% and 54% of the ISE for feed flow rate and feed
composition disturbance
change, respectively, compared with HC.
Keywords: Distillation; Multi-model; Predictive; Very large disturbance

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