Vol 8, No 1 (2017) > Metalurgy and Material Engineering >

Sarang Semut (Myrmecodia Pendans) Extract as a Green Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Acid Solution

Atria Pradityana, Sulistijono Sulistijono, Abdullah Shahab, Lukman Noerochim


Abstract: In this work, Myrmecodia
, or sarang semut, was successfully
extracted as a potential organic inhibitor. Various concentrations of Myrmecodia pendans extract in 1 M H2SO4
solution were applied in the range of 100–500
mg/L for corrosion inhibition. Gas chromatography–mass spectroscopy
(GC-MS) showed that the Myrmecodia
extracts contained a high-benzenediol compound with rich oxygen
atom content, which played an important role in the inhibition process. The 300
mg/L Myrmecodia pendans extract had
the highest effect, decreasing the rate of corrosion from 177.73 mpy to 47.4
mpy. This was attributed to the chemical compounds present in the Myrmecodia pendans extract on the
surface of mild steel, which prohibited the corrosion rate
Keywords: Extract method; Inhibitor; Mild steel; Sarang semut

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