Vol 7, No 2 (2016) > Mechanical Engineering >

Solar Air-conditioning System in University of Indonesia

Hajime Yabase, Kiyoshi Saito, Arnas Lubis, Idrus Alhamid, Nasruddin Nasruddin



Indonesia’s economic growth has continued at a steady rate of
approximately 5% to 6% annually, and energy consumption in the entire country
has been increasing year by year. Demand for air conditioning in buildings is
expanding. In line with this expansion, a 239 kW solar air-conditioning system
using a single-double effect combined absorption chiller was installed in a
building at the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Engineering located in
Depok city, near Jakarta, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We
collected and analyzed data from this air-conditioning system to better
comprehend its performance. We report the outline and the performance of the
chiller and the air-conditioning system. 

Keywords: Absorption chiller; Air-conditioning system; Indonesia; Model plant; Solar collector; Solar thermal

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