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CFD Analysis of Slurry Flow in an Anaerobic Digester

Ahmad Indra Siswantara, Asyari Daryus, Steven Darmawan, Gun Gun R. Gunadi, Rovida Camalia



This study uses biogas,
an environmentally friendly renewable energy resource, to operate the prototype
of a micro-gas turbine (MGT) system called the Proto X-3 Bioenergy Micro-gas
Turbine, designed for green building application. The biogas is produced by an
anaerobic digester. The aim of this research is to simulate slurry flow in an
anaerobic digester as the basis for developing a biogas digester that will
produce biogas to meet the requirements of the Proto X-3 Bioenergy Micro-gas
Turbine. The digester is a rectangular type with 3.4 m3 capacity. The flow calculations and
simulations were done using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods in
two-dimensional, body-fitted coordinate mesh. The simulations were conducted
with various baffle clearances for the digester: 50 mm,
100 mm, and 150 mm. The CFD simulations showed that the recirculation phenomena
was found in all flows but that the 50-mm baffle clearance model had the largest
recirculation, and it would
lead to
better mixing of the slurry.
Keywords: Anaerobic digestion; Biogas; CFD; Green building; Micro gas turbine; Turbulence modelling

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