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Single-cylinder 125 cc Stepped-piston Engine for Mobility and Portable Power Generation Applications

Azhar Abdul Aziz, Kasni Sumeru, Mohd Farid Muhammad Said, Mohd Rozi Mohd Perang, Henry Nasution


Abstract: Two-stroke engines are
far simpler than four-stroke engines from a physical perspective. For a given
brake output, two-stroke engines are lighter, easier to work on, and provide
higher power-to-weight ratio than four-stroke engines, making them suitable for
small platform applications. However, conventional two-stroke engines have a
reputation for generating smoke and unburned fuel, meaning they may not meet
many emissions regulations, now enforced around the world. Thus, for many
decades two-stroke engines have not been not favored, giving way to four-stroke
engines for dominant applications, especially for mobile power-generation
purposes. In the quest to improve the potential of such an engine, a group of
researchers from the Automotive Development Centre (ADC), Universiti Teknologi
Malaysia (UTM), has developed a 125 cc, air-cooled stepped-piston engine to
demonstrate the higher power-to-weight ratio feature, apart from overcoming
emission reduction. The engine is designed to mitigate the problem of mixture
short circuiting, which is the major hindrance to combustion efficiency. To
this end, they have incorporated a three-port stratification strategy into the
engine. This paper provides an overview related to the earlier work done to
integrate the necessary features and highlights some of the performance
features of this unique engine design
Keywords: Design; Engine; Prototype; Stepped-piston; Two-stroke

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