Vol 6, No 5 (2015) > Editorials >

Enhancing Quality of Products and Projects through Better Designs and Modeling

Nyoman Suwartha, Mohammed Ali Berawi, T. Yuri Zagloel, Isti Surjandari



quality improvement is one of the principal reasons to be more competitive in
the global market. The essential methods widely employed to enhance product
quality include discovering better designs and modelling. Moreover, creating
alternative designs and stimulating innovation can be seen as important steps
toward sustainable product and project development (Berawi, 2006; Berawi,
2015). To acquire better alternative designs, three basic common steps can be
considered. The first step is to identify the needs of the project/product,
particularly the functional requirements and design specifications. These
parameters are combined and amended to determine the added value of the end
results. The second step is to optimize the designs or project/product
performances to obtain efficiency, safety, and sustainability, which can be
done using simple- to advance-modelling and by simulating the design and
process parameters throughout several iterations. The last step is to determine
a rational method that should be well defined and formulated to improve the
process and end result.

selection of appropriate methods will lead to the accuracy of choosing optimum
design requirements, parameters, and measurement procedures. At the end result,
the use of better designs and modelling will significantly contribute to the
quality enhancement of designated products and projects. Furthermore,
technological developments may contribute to accelerating product manufacturing
in various fields of projects. To support this additional so-called catalyst,
technology development processes and improvements can be generated by
identifying key attributes, as well as by creating insightful and comprehensive
approaches. In addition, interventions in terms of added value in technology
development processes can play an important role in technology contributions
and outcomes

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