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Mapping Priorities for the Development of the Transportation Infrastructure in the Provincial Capitals of Indonesia

Yusuf Latief, Mohammed Ali Berawi, Ayomi Dita Rarasati, Leni Sagita Supriadi, Abdur Rohim Boy Berawi, Ineswari Syifa Hayuningtiyas


Abstract: The infrastructure of the transportation system
plays an important and strategic part in the development of a country and
serves to support economic progress by enabling the mobility of citizens and
the distribution of goods from one region to another. However, communities have
unequal access to the system and there are gaps in the regional infrastructure
in Indonesia, leading to the requirement for a mapping of all 33 provincial
capitals. In this study, we reviewed provisions for road, sea, air, and rail
travel. The mapping result is expected to determine the pattern and the
prioritization needed for future infrastructure development. A literature
review was performed to establish assessment indicators for the mapping. The
weighting of each indicator was based on a survey of stakeholders in
transportation sectors, which was then analyzed using the Analytical Hierarchy
Process. After weighting was completed, the infrastructure of each provincial
capital was assessed to determine ratings from the highest to the lowest rank.
Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Surabaya, and Semarang obtained the highest rankings,
while Manokwari, Serang, Mamuju, Ternate, and Palangkaraya were at the bottom.
This result shows that provincial capitals in western Indonesia had better
assessment results than those in the east. Therefore, improvements to the
transportation infrastructure of the latter cities should be prioritized.
Keywords: Indonesia; Infrastructure; Provincial capitals; Rank; Transportation

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