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Electrochemical Corrosion of Low Carbon Steel in a Hydrochloric Acid Medium

S. Divakara Shetty, Nagaraja Shetty


Abstract: Inhibition is one of the
mechanisms used for mitigating the metallic corrosion, particularly in an acid environment. The present work aims to
investigate the
inhibiting effect of N-benzyl-N/-phenyl thiourea (BPTU) on the
corrosion of low carbon steel in a 0.1 M hydrochloric acid (HCl) solution using a Tafel
extrapolation and linear polarization techniques. The study reveals that BPTU
acts as an excellent anodic inhibitor for low carbon steel in a HCl
solution. The protective efficiency of the compound was found to be more than
97% even at higher temperatures. The study demonstrated that BPTU gets adsorbed
on the steel surface, following Temkin’s adsorption isotherm and the inhibition
is controlled by a chemisorption
mechanism. The investigation shows that the results obtained from the Tafel
extrapolation and linear polarization techniques for the corrosion of mild
steel in HCl medium were in good agreement. The influence of temperatures and
concentrations of BPTU on the corrosion of low carbon steel are also
examined in the present work.
Keywords: Activation energy; Corrosion; Chemisorption; Hydrochloric acid; Low carbon steel; Polarization

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