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A Novel Method for Moments of Inertia Tuning for Free-flying Dynamically Similar Models via Simulated Annealing

Ali Shakoori, Alexander Vladimirovich Betin, Denis Alexandrovich Betin, Mahdi Mortazavi


Abstract: In
this study, a method was developed for tuning moments of inertia for a
free-flying dynamically similar/scaled model of an aircraft. For this method,
the simulated annealing optimization algorithm was used to obtain similar
mass-inertial properties of the model and the full-scale aircraft utilizing
ballast weights. For a scaled model of a Su-27 fighter, the ballast arrangement
were designed and weights were determined 
to achieve the required center of gravity position and the moments of
inertia based on the similitude requirements. A computer code was developed,
and the task of tuning inertia properties was performed. The results showed
that the proposed optimization approach was successfully used to determine a
feasible ballast weight and position. Moreover, the ballast weight reduced from
8.66 kg to 4.86 kg using the proposed technique, and the inertia
characteristics’ non-similarity was minimized.
Keywords: Dynamically similar/scaled model; Moments of inertia; Optimization; Simulated annealing; Tuning

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