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Big Data Analysis of Indonesian Scholars’ Publications: A Research Theme Mapping

Isti Surjandari, Arian Dhini, Esther Widya Impola Lumbantobing, Anita Titiani Widari, Irfan Prawiradinata



The advancement of science and technology plays an
important role in enhancing the international competitiveness of a nation. One
of the indicators for measuring the advancement in science and technology of a
nation is the amount of research that is published in international journals.
In order to improve the quantity and quality of research publications, research
themes mapping of published studies is required. By conducting research themes
mapping, the research road map for future research can be developed
effectively. In this study, Indonesian scholars’ publications, which are
indexed in Scopus during the last five years (2010-2014), were analyzed by applying co-word analysis.
Co-word analysis, which is part of text mining, is applied to find the
interrelationship among research themes in a big corpus of data. As a result,
there are fifteen main research themes in Indonesia as on Quadrant I and IV of
strategic diagram.

Keywords: Bibliometrics; Big data analysis; Co-word analysis; Indonesia; Research theme mapping

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