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Experimental Study of Solar Refrigerator System using Activated Alumina and Methanol Adsorption Pair

Tulus Burhanuddin Sitorus, Farel Hasiholan Napitupulu, Himsar Ambarita


Abstract: This study investigates
the performance of a solar adsorption
refrigerator using activated alumina and methanol
adsorption pair. The experiments were carried out for 24-hour. The refrigeration was completed during seven cycles with varying weather
conditions. A flat
plate type collector was used with an area of 0.25 m2 and tilt angle
of 30o. Theoretical
calculations show that, the maximum collector efficiency is
47.15% when the maximum solar radiation
obtained is 936.9 W/m2. In this research, the maximum value of the COP is 0.0991 when the total solar energy is 16.485 MJ/m2 and the minimum value obtained is 0.0919
when the total solar energy is 7.609 MJ/m2. The experiment results show that the adsorption pair system can
deliver an evaporator temperature of about 9.92°C and the cooling load can be
achieved by a heat source with a temperature range of 83.95°C and 95.39oC.
Keywords: Activated alumina and methanol; Refrigerator performance; Solar energy

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