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Feasibility Analysis of Trans-Sumatera Toll Road using Value Engineering Method

Mohammed Ali Berawi, Teuku Yuri M. Zagloel, Abdur Rohim Boy Berawi, Yusuf Abdurachman


Abstract: The Trans-Sumatera Toll Road (TSTR) Infrastructure Project is planned to
stretch from Bakauheni to Banda Aceh (2527 kilometers), with an estimated
investment about IDR 290 trillion. The value engineering method is applied to
the TSTR project by creating six additional functions for a toll road:
motorcycle lane integration, rest area development, dry port integration,
median railways integration, tourism park development, and fiberoptic
networking. The feasibility analysis is constructed using a system dynamic
approach to three toll tariff scenarios. The result reveals that the additional
functions have improved the financial feasibility of TSTR project, with the
internal rate of return for the three proposed scenarios ranging from 8.28% to
Keywords: Feasibility study; Trans-Sumatera Toll Road; System dynamic; Value engineering

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