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Sea Water Desalination using Debaryomyces hansenii with Microbial Desalination Cell Technology

Tania Surya Utami, Rita Arbianti, Beta Nadia Manaf


Abstract: Desalination is a way to
process sea water with a high salinity level, which makes water non-consumable.
Various desalination technologies, such as distillation, vapor compression, and
reverse osmosis, have been developed but require energy and large financial
investments. Microbial desalination cell (MDC) is a modified desalination
technology of a microbial fuel cell that can remove salt content in water with
the help of microorganisms through organic matter degradation. This research
used Debaryomyces hansenii to degrade
organic material in the anode chamber. The ratio of the volume chamber, the
volume ratio of culture:substrate, and the volume progression of the culture
and substrate were evaluated in terms of salt removal and electricity
generation. This research shows that MDC using a 9:1:9 ratio of the volume
chamber, a culture:substrate ratio of 2:3 (v/v), and a volume progression of the
culture and substrate of 1.5 times gave the best desalination performance: a
salt removal level of 55.03%
Keywords: Debaryomyces hansenii; Desalination; Microbial Desalination Cell; Salt removal; Single culture

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