Vol 4, No 3 (2013) > Industrial Engineering >

Design of Ergonomic Stool (Dingklik) for Batik Crafters

Shabila Anjani, Rachma Hidayati, Yoke A. Adlan, Amalia Suzianti, Radita T.V. Hapsari


Abstract: Batik crafting is a job done in a sitting position. The design of a stool itself affects the sitting position of workers using it. This paper proposes an optimal design for batik stool (dingklik) which is tested using the task analysis toolkit in the virtual environment with the JackTM 6.1 software. An anthopometric measurement is done to create the suitable dimension for all users of the batik stool. This research is conducted to reduce MSD found in previous research, by designing ergonomically friendly stool to support batik crafters. This improved design is proved to be ergonomically friendly due to the decreased PEI result compared to the current design.
Keywords: Batik; Dingklik; Ergonomics; Product design

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