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The Effect of Styrene Monomer in the Graft Copolymerization of Arcylonitrile onto Deproteinized Natural Rubber

Tuti Indah Sari, Asep Handaya Saputra, Setijo Bismo, Dadi R. Maspanger, Adi Cifriadi



copolymerization of an acrylonitrile monomer onto
Deproteinized Natural Rubber (DPNR) is an important process in the modification
of Natural Rubber (NR) to increase its oil resistance. However, coagulation at the beginning of the process was a problem causing
a copolymerization foil to occur. The presence of a styrene monomer is therefore expected to improve the emulsion
condition so that coagulation can be prevented in the early reaction step. For
comparison purposes, the processes with and without styrene were investigated.
The influence of the concentration of styrene
as well as the ratio of the DPNR:monomer on the stabilization process
were also observed. The results showed that the addition of styrene could
improve the stabilization process as proven by Fourier
Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). The presence of the functional group of CºN at FTIR
proved the production of the polyacrylonitrile in the mixture. The investigation showed that the
concentration of styrene monomer, which led to the emulsion stability, is up to 1.5 wt% concentration
of styrene at the ratio of DPNR:monomer (M) of 70:30

Keywords: Acrylonitrile; Emulsion stability; Graft copolymerization; Styrene

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