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Synthesis of Aligned Carbon Nanotube (ACNT) through Catalytic Decomposition of Methane by Water-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (WACVD)

Praswasti PDK Wulan, Widodo Wahyu Purwanto, Mahmud Sudibandriyo



The production of Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) has a
problem with the limited results of Aligned CNT (ACNT) products, due the fact
that an effective and economical method has not yet been discovered. This
research used catalytic decomposition of methane with the Water-Assisted
Chemical Vapor Deposition (WA-CVD) method by using a bench-scale plate
structured catalyst reactor and a fixed bed reactor. The Fe-Ni/Al2O3
Catalyst prepared by sol-gel/dip-coating and Ni-Cu-Al Catalyst prepared by
co-precipitation were used to make the CNT. Transmission Electron Microscope
(TEM) results show there are various types of nanocarbons produced, such as
CNT, bamboo-shaped CNT and also quasi-spherical carbon onion shapes. Based on
comparative results without adding the water vapor method, ACNT, which were
obtained with WA-CVD, tend to grow vertically, even though they have not yet
formed neat and uniform shapes. In addition, an increased number of CNT have
high purity results. It shows that the role of water vapor significantly
improves the quality of CNT.

Keywords: Aligned CNT; Catalytic decomposition of methane; Water-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (WA-CVD)

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