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The Dynamic Response of Unsaturated Clean Sand at a Very Low Frequency

Rini Kusumawardani, Kabul Basah Suryolelono, Bambang Suhendro, Ahmad Rifa'i


Abstract: A
series of cyclic triaxial tests at very low frequency was carried out on
unsaturated clean sand in order to quantitatively investigate the influence of
the degree of saturation on dynamic response. The conventional triaxial testing
apparatus, which is usually used on saturated soil, was employed to test the
unsaturated soil with the additional pore air pressure controller. During the
series of tests, four different degrees of saturation level (Sr =
55%, 70%, 85%, 98%) were applied to the soil specimen based on a single value
of effective confining pressure (σ’3). The results revealed that the
application of cyclic loading at a very low frequency occurring continuously
triggered the decrease of soil resistance. For degree saturation, Sr
= 55% revealed that the resistance of soil was stronger in comparison to
another level. Furthermore, the experimental results confirmed that applied cyclic loading induced a change in
saturation level before and after testing. In addition, at a certain level of saturation, a phenomenon of settlements was
likely to occur and the soil specimen then underwent liquefaction.
Keywords: Unsaturated clean sand; Undrained cyclic triaxial testing; Cyclic shear strain

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