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Peak-to-Average Power Ratio in the Circuit Design of a 20MHz Bandwidth of a Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11n

Hendra Setiawan



An important aspect of the Wireless Local Area Network’s
(WLAN) physical layer design is its Peak-to-Average Power
Ratio (PAPR) that has an important role in the power amplifier’s linearity
and efficiency. This paper analyses the PAPR of IEEE 802.11n standard which has
some different packet formats for backward compatibility. PAPR calculation is
limited to
the Legacy and High Throughput (HT) formats of a 20MHz
bandwidth. Calculation results show that a high
probability for the maximum PAPR exists in the
signal field rather than in the preamble or
data fields. Furthermore, the maximum PAPR for the signal field of a Legacy format
802.11n is 29.3dB that appears when the data rate is 6Mbps and data length is 3846 octet. However, the maximum PAPR for the high throughput (HT) format is 35.6dB that is related to a data rate of 6.5Mbps and a data
length of 32768 octets. Moreover, the PAPR of the HT-format is 3dB higher than the Legacy format for CCDF 10-2.

Keywords: CCDF; IEEE 802.11n; OFDM; PAPR; WLAN

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